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The Advanced Seminar for the Development of Modern Grain Logistics In 2018 Opened In HAUT

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The Advanced Seminar in 2018,The Development Of Modern Grain Logistics,about the knowledge update for the professionals in Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security opened on the morning of November 19 in the Lianhua Street Campus of Henan University of Technology(HAUT), which is sponsored by the State Grain and Strategic Reserve Bureau and undertaken byHAUT.

At the outset, the president Bian Ke delivered a welcome speech. Lin Fenggang, the deputy director of the Planning and Construction Department in Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, attended the opening ceremony and addressedon the meeting. The opening ceremony was presided over by Qian Xiangming, the director of the Construction Preparatory in Grain Training College. And 70 participants in the grain and materials industry across the country attended the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Lin Fenggang and Bian Ke jointly inaugurated The Continuing Education Base for the national professionalsin HAUT. HAUT were successfully selected as the Continuing Education Center for the national professionals of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in the 8th batch. This advanced seminar is organized by HAUT in the name of The Continuing Education Center for the National Professionals,which is the first advanced training project on the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

This advanced seminar will last 6 days, with 8 particular lectures, 2 on-the-spot teaching practices, 2 symposiums and 4 interactive lectures with participants. The lectures relate to the key tasks about the development of Modern Grain Logistics, the National Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development, the plan and operation of the grain logistic park, the development modern grain logistics in equipment, new changes and new measures for the modern logistics, the practice of constructing the grain logistic park, the operating pattern of the modern logistics enterprise, the research about the developing tendency of the modern grain logistics. Theparticipantswill visit the Institute of Advanced Technology in Information Engineering University and the Designing Institute at HAUT in Zhengzhou and will have discussions on the implementation of the 13thFive-Year Plan for Grain Logistics Industry and the key issues about promoting the development of modern grain logistics.

In order to achieve the training effect, the relevant units like HAUT and expert teams have made full preparation to ensure the seminar held successfully.

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