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The 18th Publicity Month of Mental Health Education for College Students in HAUT

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In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the party's 19th congress, to implement the spirit of the national education conference and the ideological and political work conference in universities across the province, to implement the spirit of the 6th plenary session of the 10th provincial party Committee and the provincial party Committee work conference, and to strengthen and improve the mental health education of teachers and students in the new era, according to the requirements of the document“Notice on Launching the 2018 Publicity Week of Mental Health Education in Universities Across the Province”issued by the office of the Henan provincial education department ( No. 670 of education administration ideological and political theory [ 2018 ] ), and combined with the reality of HAUT, a“Youth Celebration”was held from October 9 to November 9.

This activity has been highly valued at the school and college levels. The activity month started with the launching ceremony of the 18th college students’mental health education publicity month held on October 9, and then a series of thematic education activities such as the popular science exhibition on mental health education, freshmen’s psychological survey, sign language contest, psychological sitcom contest, on-site psychological consultation, and psychological expert’s special report were successively carried out. During the month of publicity, the schools organized a series of special activities with innovative forms and rich contents, including collection of spiritual bookmarks, psychological DV contest, psychological health knowledge contest, appreciation of psychological films, production of“psychological cards”, spiritual message wall of“blessing in the heart and writing down our dreams”, psychological fun games, class meetings with a theme and group day activities, and made efforts to expand the content of the activities and make full use of all kinds of propaganda media to publicize and report on the activities in time, thus creating a positive atmosphere for mental health education.

The launch of this month’s series of mental health education activities for college students has fully demonstrated the characteristics of our school’s mental health education, widely popularized the knowledge of mental health, raised the attention of teachers and students to mental health problems, cultivated good mental quality of teachers and students, fully played the function and role of students' mental health education center, and actively created a healthy, sunny, warm and positive campus atmosphere.

(Editor: 孙宇晴)

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